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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Jingley Everybody!

Things here have been so insane I don't know where to start... but I suppose, where I left off is the best place.
So I was supposed to start work at Amazon on Sunday, the 11th. On the 9th around 10:30 my mother called. She'd fallen on the ice. Doug and I spent the evening in the ER, well, me in the ER and Doug running back and forth. I didn't sleep that night and spent the weekend at Mom's. Needless to say, I didn't start the job. Mom lives by herself so she needs people to stop by to help with basic stuff. Not to mention Christmas on it's way...
But between David and Christina, Doug and I, and Mom's friend Betty Lynn (the same one that busted rear to decorate for the wedding) the house was just finished up and decorated and pretty when DJ and his girlfriend and girlfriend's sister showed up from their 15 hour drive from Wisconsin.
When you think of someone with a broken leg, the image is of the individual inconvenienced, but not out of commission. That, I think is the hardest thing to get across to two of my brothers, and various others. The crutches just weren't working for mom. She's in a wheel chair when she does get around. She couldn't use a regular cast due to cirulatory problems and her leg swells when it's down for too long. She's basically confined to the couch when we can keep her there, and is pretty uncomfortable.
So it's been rough, and I've been sick and depressed to boot. More than usual, but getting better now. I had my teeth cleaned at the dentist yesterday. I'll be honest, it's been over a decade since they've been done. I can't believe the difference. I will never not floss again.
The kitchen work is starting up now-ish. The plumber is downstairs handling that stuff, the electrician and framers will be in next week, then Doug and I start tile and drywall. We're still waiting on siding. If we dont' get siding soon, I think he's going to freak, our electric/heating bill was outlandish last month.
More later, just wanted to blow the cobwebs out o' here. I'll share one more story...
Many of our Christmas cards this year were sent out with a return addy of "Barnhenge" and our address -- because Barnhenge is the name of the property. Well aparently, this confused some folks. Just today we got a Christmas card in the mail for "Mr. and Mrs. Doug Barnhenge" from one of my cousins.. (well, his wife).... in total seriousness. She was even at the wedding!
*sigh* I don't have the heart to tell her but I'm still giggling. We even signed the card we sent with our last name. I suppose we'll have to get all pretentious and do the returns as "The S_____'s at Barnhenge" like some snooty golf course or something..... :)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

unbearable cuteness....

We went to visit some puppies on Sunday. Chesapeake Bay Retrieve/ Labrador mixes. 10 of them. I went all googly. Especially when this one fell alseep in my arms. She was just so comfortable there, I didn't want to put her down to leave!

My friend, Mike, too, went a little googly. (I'm not sure who's cuter in this picture, Mike or the puppy). He is going to kill me for using him and "cute" in the same sentence.


In other news, I start my first round of training at Amazon today. It's just temp work,until the end of January or so (if I make it). Hours are 7:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday - Thurs. Its expected that I will be walking 12-15 miles per day.

So, it's actually a challenge, now, to see if I can do it.

More later. Just wanted to share some cheesy cuteness.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


jobbity jobbity job

I'm waiting for Raven to get here, we're going to go apply at an open house for Amazon's distribution center.

I can either work 7:30a to 6p or in reverse or something like that. I hafta check. regardless, I'll opt to work the overnight.

so much for christmas, I'll never even see the damned tree.

see, at this point, I was supposed to have most the contracting work rolling and be able to work something part time and then find or go full time until classes start in March then go back to part time.

but that's not happening. so the contractors will be starting the slow slow process here in about a week, and I should be working (I've been told) so, the only way for me to still be here when contractors are here is to work overnights. Well that or find something that's like 4p to 9p or. But really, the distance I'd have to travel for that kind of job, in no way justifies the pay that would come with it. And besides, I still wouldn't be seeing my husband working that shift so I'd rather work a later one and make more money. -- and traffic would be better, to boot.


this'll probably only be during the christmas season unless they want to keep me on. so -- so much for enjoying the season. And I'm sure it'll be great fun to come home from working on my feet all day and start laying tile.... of course, if I get the job, with those hours, that'll be the only thing getting laid, I'm sure.